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City Winery

10 Interesting Facts about Winemaking at City Winery

We thought it'd be nice to take a glance back at some of the unique traits of City Winery with a few fun facts about the winery.

Bill anton racking wines article
City Winery

An Introduction to Racking Wine

here are a number of processes in winemaking, of which one is racking. Here's how it's done.

Dscn2086 article
City Winery

An Intro to Maceration Management: Pump Overs & Punch Downs

City Winery Winemaker David Lecomte explains why maceration management is the most complex and critical stage of red winemaking.

Capsuling article
City Winery

Capsuling and Labeling at City Winery

A look at how the winemaking team capsules and labels wines at City Winery.

David at the sorting table article
City Winery

Destemming & Sorting Grapes at City Winery

A look at the process of destemming and sorting grapes at City Winery, Manhattan's only full-functioning winery.

Yanky drew article
City Winery

Harvesting & Pressing Grapes for Kosher Winemaking

City Winery Assistant Kosher Winemaker Yanky Drew gives us a look at the kosher winemaking process, including how grapes are harvested and pressed.

City Winery

Harvest Season Is In Full Motion! [VIDEO]

The harvest season is upon us, and the winery team is busy receiving grapes and bottling wines from previous vintages.

7 pressing the wine article
City Winery

How to Press Red Wine Grapes

Pressing occurs after primary fermentation, when a winemaker determines if the young wine has reached its full potential and is ready to be pressed. Here's how red wine grapes are pressed.

City Winery

Meet City Winery's Winemaking Team

An introduction to City Winery's winemaking team, including the winemaker, assistant winemaker, kosher assistant winemaking and cellar hand.

Cork vs. composite closures article
City Winery

The Great Closure Debate: Cork, Composite or Something Else?

A look at the deciding factors a winemaker takes into account when choosing a wine closure.

Open uri20120919 24629 w80yed article
City Winery

The Importance of Topping Barrels

Topping is the process of filling barrels with wine as small amounts evaporate through the barrel.

City Winery

The Wine Industry Embraces a Classic Meme

The bloggers over at Red to Brown Wine Review uploaded a wine-centric spoof of the meme "Downfall" this week.