Erica Swallow

Erica Swallow

Tech journalist and entrepreneur.

Erica Swallow is a status quo wrecker, entrepreneur, and technology/education journalist. Her thoughts have been published in Forbes, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal, among other publications.

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Highlights foundation retreat center cabins article

A Beginner's Guide to Attending a Highlights Foundation Workshopn

So, you’re thinking about attending a Highlights Foundation workshop? Let me give you a newcomer’s insights on how to get the most out of it!

Open uri20170806 20845 17r4m4i article

How I Raised $20,000 in 30 Days on Kickstarter to Self-Publish My First Book

In 30 days, I raised more than $20,000 on crowdfunding site Kickstarter to publish my first book. In fact, I published an entire four-title children's book series all at once!

Open uri20170728 22083 1kyuo2x article

Why Every Solopreneur Needs a Business Plan

Every business owner, even the smallest of eCommerce solopreneurs, should consider writing a business plan.

Open uri20170725 14521 1mioj49 article
Summit Learning

School Leaders On Successfully Navigating Change Management

Humans are generally averse to change — it's just how our brains are wired. That mentality, of course, poses a problem innovation in education. Here's why we should all keep trying.

Open uri20170725 3318 1fzot92 article
Summit Learning

10 Tips for Implementing Summit Learning at Your School

Gathered from Summit's seven ISTE 2017 sessions, the following 10 tips were the top insights shared for school leaders on implementing Summit Learning.

Open uri20130205 6151 1y0g1tz article

10 Internet Startups That Thrive By Mail

Snail mail is in, and it's no wonder startups are turning to the mailbox, rather than the inbox, in this latest round of ventures.

10 tips for managing remote teams article

10 Pro Tips for Hiring and Managing Remote Engineering and Design Teams

In a recent RocketSpace workshop, Su Yuen Chin, co-founder of on-demand tech talent platform MomoCentral, shared advice for founders looking to build effective remote teams. Here are the top ten pro tips we extracted from her workshop.

Open uri20130323 16992 1hyhtmh article

3 Unlikely Lessons From My So-Called StartupBus Life

After 72 hours on the StartupBus, I took away a few unlikely lessons, namely that you don't need a product, Post-its are dangerous, and passion is all about fun.

Rs blog5growthtips nov30 article

4 Tips for Fueling Your Startup Growth

Acquiring users is part of the startup journey. After all, if you don't have users, what's the use of having your product?

5 communications lessons from a silicon valley leadership coach article

5 Communications Lessons From a Silicon Valley Leadership Coach

Entrepreneurship is stressful. Startup founders are tasked with not only building a business that obtains hockey-stick growth, but also with making sure their teammates, investors, and partners are happy. That's where leadership coaching comes in for some founders.

5 keys to being a successful entrepreneur sami inkinen article

5 Entrepreneurial Lessons This Startup CEO Learned Rowing Across the Pacific

What do you learn about startups by rowing for 45 days and 2,400 miles across the Pacific? Quite a lot, says serial entrepreneur and investor Sami Inkinen.

2014 12 25 neahumanesocietydog thumb article
The Huffington Post

5 Lessons I Learned From Running a Crowdfunding Campaign

This holiday season, my mother and I hosted a crowdfunding campaign to raise funds for our local Humane Society animal shelter, and I learned much more than I was expecting to.

Open uri20160907 14068 nqmmlr article

5 Simple Steps to Setting Financial Goals

No matter your age or income, you have financial goals. But do you know how to achieve them? Here are 5 tips:...

6a017d4235cbcf970c01a511bbff55970c 800wi article
MIT Sloan School of Management

5 Things I Love about MIT Sloan

There were ups and there were downs this past year, but there were also a number of traditions and traits about this place that stood out.

Vine mashable photo article

5 Ways Startups Are Using Vine

Startups and small businesses of all kinds are already starting to experiment with the new mobile service.