Erica Swallow

Erica Swallow

Tech journalist and entrepreneur.

Erica Swallow is a status quo wrecker, entrepreneur, and technology/education journalist. Her thoughts have been published in Forbes, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal, among other publications.

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Junior achievement arkansas att youth business challenge 790x500 article

Dream Big: Notes From Visiting A Junior Achievement Competition

In a recent keynote at Junior Achievement of Arkansas, Noble teammate Erica Swallow urged students to dream big, take initiative, and never settle.

Erica swallow lean startup conference speech article

How High Schoolers Are Using Lean Startup

Watch Noble Impact VP of Product Erica Swallow give a lightning-style talk at Lean Startup Conference about how high schoolers are using the Lean Startup methodology.

Noble impact opportunity gap audience at mosaic templars center 790x500 article

Little Rock Nine Minnijean Brown Trickey Challenges Students On Race, Education, Equity

Minnijean Brown Trickey, civil rights activist and member of the “Little Rock Nine,” joined a room of Noble Impact scholars this month to discuss the opportunity gap that persists in education for minority and marginalized students.

Madi grace carter noble impact mlts film screening article

'Most Likely To Succeed' Film Spurs Conversation In Arkansas

Hundreds of concerned Arkansans gathered to discuss the future of education at two Noble Impact screenings of education documentary "Most Likely To Succeed."

Sxswedu finding the medium panel article

SXSWedu Takeaways From An Education Newbie

After attending SXSWedu for the first time, I ruminated on the key takeaways SXSW proper's education-obsessed cousin-event invoked in me around diversity, professional development, and technology.

Erica swallow of nyu in chinatown article

The First-Generation Struggle: A Letter From My 22-Year-Old Self

In 2008, I wrote a (now re-discovered) letter about my college financial aid experience. It reminds me we have a long way to go for education equity, but I am hopeful.

Bethanie gourley digital portfolio 1024x712 article

The New High School Essentials: LinkedIn, a Resumé, and a Digital Portfolio

In a world where more than a third of college admissions officers visit applicants’ social media pages and 93% of job recruiters review candidates’ social profiles before making hiring decisions, a digital presence is now an essential for hopeful college admits, entry-level apprentices, and future employees alike.

Chad williamson at hawken workshop 790x500 article

What Happens When Educators Convene To Reimagine Entrepreneurial Studies

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about teachers, it’s that the most passionate educators are some of the most entrepreneurial people I’ve ever met. Whether they’re trying to acquire school supplies for their classrooms or seeking out community partners for student projects, good teachers are willing to go to bat for the betterment of their students.

Bif2015 speaker books 790x500 article

What If Students Were Encouraged To Be Innovation Junkies?

What if we encouraged students to change the ratio, flip the equation, disrupt the system? What if the basis of our education system was built on the concept of enacting innovation?